DSGN 320: Becoming One with the Logo(s)

Logos (from λέγω lego “I say”) is a term… derived from a Greek word meaning “ground”, “plea”, “opinion”, “expectation”, “word”, “speech”, “account”, “reason”, “discourse…”‘

… but this is not about that kind of logos.

Continuing with personal branding, I drafted 100 logo ideas. But first I began by reiterating what my brand was/is:


It can be helpful to exercise all the cliches and obvious ideas first, which allows you to get to the meaty and unexpected concepts. This kind of mass-ideation has helped me before, especially with design, and I recommend it. Once I sketched out 100 logo ideas, I highlighted the stronger concepts.


I think one of the most appealing concepts was using my family crest, which is a lion’s paw breaking a spear in half, with the motto “death before dishonour.” It’s inherently quite dramatic and interesting. We aren’t sure what the broken spear means, but there is a German saying that goes something like this: “to break one’s lance.” The phrase means to devote oneself to a task so thoroughly that you destroy yourself in the process. Art school, am I right? Jokes aside, I experimented with changing the spear into a pen. The original meaning of the crest is maintained (if we’re right about the broken spear), but this time, the crest specifically becomes about art. It wouldn’t bother me if someone didn’t understand this image if they saw it without context. I think it would be an interesting and bold choice to brand an artist with broken art supplies.

Ideation round 2 brought on many conversations about storytelling. I drafted a business card, based on one I’d seen by a photographer, that unfolded into a triptych. Though it isn’t a logo, could a narrative sequence be my logo? I will be exploring this concept for next class!

For this project, I would give myself a B.