DSGN 320: Finding Your Own Brand

Not that kind!

Hello, and welcome back to my blog, now with 100% more memes.

Personal branding is difficult. “Know thyself” has a variety of meanings, from understanding our relationship with knowledge to, perhaps, an ancient version of the phrase “check yourself.” You can’t sell what you don’t know, but I’ve also heard that you can only sell something if you can walk away from it. Can we walk away from ourselves? With the help of my classmates, we discussed who we are, in groups. This is what we came up with for my personal brand.


As a witch-of-images-and-words storyteller, I found it difficult to articulate my brand into a succinct phrase or set of words. There are many stories I want to tell, with many different tones, themes, and visual styles.  I gravitated towards defining the brand of one of my own stories, rather than my personal brand. For this reason, I give myself a C+ on this project. It expresses the feel of one comic I make, but not who I am as a person.

Pencil roughs.
Final image.

This being said, I feel like I’m getting closer to discovering what will be right for me and my brand. Often the tasks that are the most difficult are the most worthwhile!

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