Assignment 3: Resume the Résumé

For this resume, I used Century Gothic because it’s sweet and whimsical, but takes its job seriously. It’s the font studio Ghibli uses in their logo.


… and then I used Caslon because a big block of sans-serif is hard to read.

It was difficult to come up with some conceit in my resume that would set me apart from others. Originally, I had my name set in Warnock, but then I decided to hand-letter it. Each person’s way of writing is often unique to that individual, so I hope this solution communicates fun, originality, and thinking outside of the box without going overboard.

Versions! And my screams.

With design, there’s so much to learn and so much I don’t know yet. I’m hoping to get a lot of feedback on this before I send it off into the world because I know it can improve. My greatest challenge was walking the line between “boring and impersonal” and “over the top.” Do I include illustrations? Infographics? A drawing of myself? I really don’t know. Some of the design firms that I looked at asked you to solve a math puzzle for your application. Some of the design firms I looked at could only be contacted by standing in front of a mirror, in the dark, and whispering the firm’s name three times. Some of the firms I looked at don’t even exist yet.

It’s really difficult to be a designer and so I give myself a B- on this, mostly for the effort and the dark magics that went into its creation.

Link: resume_Jess_pollard final3