From what I understand, supergraphics are large (billboard sized or bigger) graphics. They’re usually simple, bright, and abstract. Supergraphics can alter how we feel about the size and shape of a space, or be purely decorative. Supergraphics are usually painted on walls, floors, and ceilings, but you could apply them to any large surface.

Sol Lewitt’s Wall Drawings are a good example.

In this piece, I find the bright, contrasting colors, the composition, and the juxtaposition between diagonal and horizontal lines visually pleasing.

I think it goes to show – and of course, this isn’t the only example – that minimalistic art can be as magnetic as something complex. I often gravitate towards elaborate designs and layouts, but lately, I’ve been trying to keep thoughtful minimalism in mind. Walking the line between “less is more” and “too little” is difficult but worth every moment of consideration. Here’s some more of Sol’s art:



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