Scorpion Mouse Howling at the Moon / Brushes and Watercolor

JessScanGrasshopperMouse copy

Woo! This is an 8 x 10 inch watercolor, inked with a brush. This mouse (also known as the grasshopper mouse) howls like a wolf and hunts scorpions. This time, I actually used watercolor paper instead of bristol, which was a huge improvement.


Nib Pens and Watercolor

JessScanBear copy

This is the first time I’ve used this combination of mediums, and I’m fairly happy with the result. This image is 7 x 5 inches on bristol, drawn with a nib pen, and colored with watercolor. Be wary of bristol through! It doesn’t seem to like water, and as you can see the paper slightly buckled. As a side note: I was inspired by a Disney nature documentary called “Bears,” which I recommend.


IDES 132 part 2 assign 1 draft

Today I learned that, before doing an ink wash, you should make sure that your ink is waterproof. I’m going to redo this one! Here’s some process art:

IDES 132 part 2 assign 1 draft1

IDES 132 part 2 assign 1 draft1 1

IDES 132 part 2 assign 1 draft1 2

IDES 132 part 2 assign 1 draft1 3

I was definitely influenced by Miyazaki’s “Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind” and “Princess Mononoke.” And Pokemon. Always, Pokemon.

IDES 132 part 2 assign 1 draft1 4IDES 132 part 2 assign 1 draft1 5

Marketing. Money. MAGIC.

Today’s sketches are from my “Creative Thinking for Designers II” class. This week has had a great start and I’m excited to learn more about how design agencies work. It seems that there’s a “suits” (business people) versus “creatives” (artists) dichotomy at first, but I was (happily) surprised to learn that every agency is different, and that the divide between the two often blurs. Next up are some designs for armoured cavalry, which will become a pen and ink drawing by this Tuesday.

sketchbook14:15 p. 2 sketchbook14:15 p. 1

sketchbook14:15 1