Art Nouveau Soap Packaging

I love Shanene’s perspective on art nouveau and how she compares the movement to Victorian aesthetics. The Victorian era is stereotypically viewed as oppressed, so the sentiment that “the Victorians knew how to let loose!” is both refreshing and accurate. Although they were oppressed in some ways, I see the point she makes in terms of design. Art nouveau, though beautiful, is somewhat homogeneous. Additionally Shanene’s soap package design is lovely, well crafted, and a good representation of art nouveau aesthetics. Style (the bold outlines) and content (the woman, the flowers, the flowing hair) all work together wonderfully. It’s clear that research went into this piece, and that the artist walked away with a greater understanding of the art nouveau movement than they had before the project.

Shanene's Blog

Through my project research on Art Nouveau, I mostly gained a sense of highly stylized line work paired with natural themes. Art Nouveau is fun visually, sure – I love the whiplash curves, emphasis on bold outlines with gentle gradient shading inside the lines, and how the style spread to architecture, furniture design, jewelry, etc – but in comparison to the Victorian times, I found it to be.. lacking. All the type is cohesive, there’s reason behind every detail, and the craftsmanship is clean. Very boring! Those Victorians knew how to let loose.

Here’s my Art Nouveau soap package design:





  I went with influences from Mucha and Grasset, mainly. I admire their strong, definite styles in their poster design and wanted to emulate a similar feeling but in a softer palette. I used a sort of matcha-green and peach/soft pinks to colour the soap package, all of which were…

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