A Timeline of Graphic Design

Timeline Scan

In the style of the Master of Playing Cards

I chose this style for two reasons: I’m enamored with Gothic script, and the mystery of the Master of Playing cards, an unidentified artist and engraver who produced a beautiful set of cards in the 1400’s. Inspired by his style, and the concept of the card, I created a timeline that incorporated both a faux engraving style and the cards themselves. This piece was created with a calligraphy pen, Copic markers, a “big brush” Faber and Castell pen, and a Kuretake Art and Graphic Twin brush pen. In the spirit of the original cards, I chose to keep the piece black and white. The suits contain flowers, birds, deer, beasts of prey and wild men, and I did my best to include as many of these elements as possible in the timeline. Instead of the traditional numbered deck, the cards contain dates of important events. I layered the cards in such a way that, hopefully, their order is obvious.

This timeline is for a school project. I’ve said it before, but in the spirit of maintaining historical accuracy: it is by no means comprehensive. I hope that you enjoy it regardless.


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